Saturday, April 11, 2009



This blog, which was created December 2, 2008, is in its very beginning stages. It was created for the purpose of posting video lessons for my students, but it is available to anyone to view for math lessons, tutoring or review.

As the months go by, expect to find more and more posts on mostly algebra topics - eventually ranging from prealgebra to advanced algebra. There will also eventually be posts on topics from arithmetic and related to math in general. Nearly all clips will be less than 10 minutes long.

There are three ways to find topics:

1) Use the "link list" on the panel at left.

2) Use the "search" feature at top left.

3) Check the "blog archives" on the left panel

PLEASE NOTE that this is a learning experience for me as well - that the more filming and posting I do the more I hope to learn about what works and what does not. The first posts may be rather rough in terms of filming as I go through this learning process.

NEWEST POST: "Point Nine Repeating" (4/11/09)